How many times should I forgive? 

The Passion

Every time,
as fast as you can!




How does it affect Me?

Have you ever heard to forgive is to be forgiven.

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourself.


A gift from God

Forgiveness is a gift from God to us.
It is a two sided sword to protect us and others from evil. Forgiveness cuts deep into the soul and removes hate, anger, remorse and guilt. It makes an impression on the people involved that lasts forever.

We hear from others all the time that I will forgive, but I will never forget. True forgiveness requires the forgetting. That is why the favor offered by a forgiver is made. So everyone involved can forget.

The gift, what is the gift?
What is the favor of God to us in forgiveness?
A forgiving act creates a miracle that happens because of the decision to love. Just as forgiveness is uncomfortable, because of what happen that has to be forgiven.
The decision to love enough to forgive is all that is needed for the favor of God. Once a forgiver forgives, the reason for that forgiveness will not be a problem for the forgiver any longer. God takes the care from us. In this way we do not have to carry the anger and stress of evil thoughts about others in our souls.

So what about the person being forgiven, how does God favor them? The same result happens for the person receiving forgiveness. The stress of being in the wrong is taken from them. They can look to a brighter future by learning from their mistakes and move on with their life.
Not to feel oppressed by guilt from the reason for the forgiveness. 

Everyone involved in the forgiveness process benefits from God’s gift to us. We were able to destroy evil within our self and within another. How good can it get, to be free from the fret of reviewing the facts of a grudge and no one has to live the moment again. It all comes from the decision to forgive, the decision to love.

It sounds like a simple process, because it is. It is only a decision that causes Gods gift. The decision to love.
You have to evaluate your reason to make the decision to forgive.

I have made my decision many times and I decided to forgive, not because who I was forgiving was worthy, but for a more important reason. I knew I would not carry the grudge any longer. I would be free of the grudge and it’s hold over my mind and spirit.

In Christianity forgiveness is a sacrament. It is called Reconciliation. This is where God forgives our personal sins and our conscience is washed clean.