Patron Saints

Patron saints are assigned or chosen as special intercessors to God and are honored by clergy and people with a unique form of religious observance. When saints intercede to God, they become our protectors and guardians over certain areas of our lives. Patron saints are chosen because of an interest, talent, or an event that has occurred in their lives. Patron saints are not only chosen by the Pope, but also by individuals and groups as well. When we ask for a specific patron saint's intercessory to God, we are blessed when we chose to follow the saint's holy way of life. We can ask a patron saint whose special interest is similar to our own to pray to God with us for our specific requests. Through this request of the saint, we have more confidence that our prayers will be heard and our needs might be granted.

AIDS Care-Givers Aloysius Gonzaga
AIDS Patients Aloysius Gonzaga, Peregrine Laziosi, Therese of Lisieux
Abandoned Children Ivo of Kermartin, Jerome Emiliani
Abortion, Protection Against Catherine of Sweden
Academies, Roman Catholic Thomas Aquinas
Accountants Matthew
Accused (falsely) Raymond Nonnatus
Actors Genesius, Vitus
Advertisers, Advertising Bernardine of Siena
African Catholic Youth Action Charles Lwanga
Air Crew Our Lady of Loreto
Air Travelers Joseph of Cupertino
Animals Francis of Assisi, Nicholas of Tolentino, Vitus, Antony the Abbot
Archaeologists Damasus
Architects Barbara, Thomas, Apostle
Armies Maurice
Art Catherine of Bologna
Artists Luke, Catherine of Bologna, Bl (Fra) Angelico
Astronauts Joseph of Cupertino
Athletes Sebastian
Authority, Persons in Ferdinand III of Castile
Authors Francis de Sales
Aviators, Aviation Our Lady of Loreto, Therese of Lisieux, Joseph of Cupertino
Babies The Holy Innocents, Maximus, Nicholas of Tol
Bakers Elizabeth of Hungary, Nicholas of Myra, Honoratus
Bankers Matthew, Bernardino of Feltre
Banking Michael the Archangel
Barbers Cosmas and Damian, Louis, Martin de Porres
Barren Women Anthony of Padua, Felicity
Battle Michael the Archangel
Beggars Alexius, Martin of Tours, Giles
Bible Scholars Jerome
Birds Gall
Blind People Raphael the Archangel, Thomas, Apostle, Cosmas and Damian, Lucy
Blood Banks Januarius
Blood Donors Our Lady of the Thorns
Bodily Ills Our Lady of Lourdes
Boy Scouts George
Boys, young Dominic Savio
Breast-feeding Basilissa, Giles
Brewers Augustine of Hippo, Luke, Nicholas of Myra, Amand, Wenceslaus
Brides Nicholas of Myra
Bridges John Nepomucene
Broadcasters Gabriel the Archangel
Builders Vincent Ferrer, Barbara, Thomas, Apostle
Business People Homobonus
Businesswomen Margaret of Clitherow
Cab Drivers Joseph, Fiacre
Cancer Patients Michael Argemir
Cancer Victims Peregrine Laziosi
Carpenters Joseph, Thomas, Apostle
Catholic Action Francis of Assisi, Paul, Apostle
Catholic Charities Vincent de Paul, Elizabeth of Hungary
Catholic Writers Francis de Sales
Catholic Youth Aloysius Gonzaga
Catholic Schools, Catholic Academies Thomas Aquinas, Ursula
Cattle Breeders Mark
Cemetery Keepers, or Caretakers Joseph of Arimathea
Charitable Societies Vincent de Paul
Chemists (Pharmacists) Cosmas and Damian
Childbirth Gerard Majella, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Raymond Nonnatus, Leonard of Noblac, Erasmus (Elmo)
Childless Women Anne (Mother of Mary)
Children Nicholas of Myra, Raymond Nonnatus, Nicholas of Tolentino
Children, Desire for Rita of Cascia
Children, Illegitimate John Francis Regis
Choirboys, Choirs Dominic Savio
Christian Mothers Anne (Mother of Mary)
Church Joseph
Civil Servants Thomas More
Clergy Gabriel Possenti
Clerics Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Coffin-bearers Joseph of Arimathea
Colleges Thomas Aquinas
Comedians Vitus
Condemned Criminals Dismas
Confessors Alphonsus de Liguori, John Nepomucene
Construction Workers Thomas, Apostle
Contagious Diseases Robert Bellarmine, Sebastian
Cooks Martha
Crops, Protection of Magnus of Fussen
Cursillo Movement Paul, Apostle
Dancers Vitus
Deacons Stephen
Deaf Francis de Sales
Death Michael the Archangel, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Death, Happy Joseph of Cupertino
Death, Sudden Andrew Avellino
Dentists Apollonia
Desperate Situations Jude, Gregory the Wonderworker, Rita of Cascia, Eustace
Diabolical Possession Cyriacus, Dymphna
Difficult Situations Eustace
Diocesan Priests Eustace
Disabled Giles
Disasters Genevieve (Genofeva)
Diseases of the Eye Raphael the Archangel, Lucy
Diseases, Contagious Roch, Sebastian
Diseases, Nervous Dymphna
Doctors Luke, Cosmas and Damian, Pantaleon
Domestic Animals Antony the Abbot, Gerlac of Valkenburg
Domestic Workers Zita
Doubters Joseph
Drought Genevieve (Genofeva)
Drought Relief Herbert, Godeberta, Solange
Drowning, Death or Danger from Adjutor
Druggists (Pharmacists) Cosmas and Damian
Dying Joseph, Benedict, Abbot, James the Lesser, Apostle, Lebuin (Liafwine), Maximus, Nicholas of Tolentino
Earthquakes Emygdius, Francis Borgia, Gregory the Wonderworker
Ecologists, Ecology Francis of Assisi
Editors John Bosco, Francis de Sales
Education, Public Martin de Porres
Epidemics Godeberta
Epilepsy Dymphna, Vitus, Willibrord
Eucharist, The Paschal Baylon
Eucharistic Guilds Paschal Baylon
Eucharistic Congresses and Organizations Paschal Baylon
Expectant Mothers Gerard Majella, Raymond Nonnatus
Eye disorders Herve, Clare, Lucy, Raphael the Archangel
Faculties of Law Raymond of Penafort
Falling Venantius
Falsely Accused Raymond Nonnatus
Farm Workers Benedict, Abbot
Farmers Isidore the Farmer
Fathers Joseph
Fervent First Communion Bl Imelda
Fever Genevieve (Genofeva)
Fire (danger from) Agatha, Nicholas of Tolentino
Fire Fighters Florian, John of God
Fire Prevention Catherine of Siena, Agatha
First Communicants Tarcisius
Fishermen Andrew, Apostle, Peter
Fliers Our Lady of Loreto
Flight Attendants Bona
Flight Crew Our Lady of Loreto
Flood Gregory the Wonderworker, Florian
Florists, Flower Growers Therese of Lisieux, Rose of Lima, Bl. Rose of Viterbo
Flying Joseph of Cupertino, Elijah
Flying, all involved in Our Lady of Loreto
Foresters John Gualbert
Funeral Directors Joseph of Arimathea
Garage, or Gas Station, Workers Eligius (Eloi)
Gardeners Adelard, Fiacre, Rose of Lima, Adam
Girl Scouts Agnes of Rome
Girls Agnes, Maria Goretti
Glassworkers Luke
Goldsmiths Dunstan, Anastasius, Eligius (Eloi)
Governors Ferdinand III of Castile
Gravediggers Antony the Abbot, Joseph of Arimathea
Greek Catholic Church in America Nicholas of Tolentino
Greetings Valentine
Grocers Michael the Archangel
Gunners Barbara
Hairdressers Martin de Porres, Cosmas and Damian
Hawaii, USA Mary, Queen of Peace
Headaches Teresa of Avila, Denis, Bishop of Paris
Health Inspectors Raphael the Archangel
Health Service, public Martin de Porres
Heart Patients John of God
Hernia Sufferers Cathal
Highways, Motorways John the Baptist
Hoarseness Bernardine of Siena
Holy Name Society; Confraternity of the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus John of Vercelli
Hopeless (or desperate) Cases Jude, Rita of Cascia, Gregory the Wonderworker
Horse-Riders Martin of Tours
Horses Eligius (Eloi), Martin of Tours, Hippolytus
Horticulturalists Adam, Fiacre
Hospitals Camillus de Lellis, John of God, Vincent de Paul
Hotelkeepers Amand
House hunting Joseph
Housewives Anne (Mother of Mary), Martha
Hungary Stephen, Mary, Great Queen of Hungary
Hunters Hubert, Eustachius
Hydrophobia, or Rabies Hubert, Ubald
Illness (Mental) Dymphna
Immigrants Frances Xavier Cabrini
Impossible Cases Rita of Cascia
Infantry Martin of Tours
Infertility Rita of Cascia
Information Workers Archangel Gabriel
Innocent People (falsely accused) Raymond Nonnatus
Insanity Dymphna
Invalids Roch
Jesuit Order; Jesuits Ignatius of Loyola
Jesuit Students Aloysius Gonzaga
Jewelers Eligius (Eloi)
Journalists Francis de Sales
Journeys, Safe Christopher
Judges/Jurists John of Capistrano, Ivo of Kermartin
Jumping Venantius
Justice, Social Martin de Porres
Juvenile Delinquents Dominic Savio
Laborers Isidore the Farmer, James the Greater
Lame, the Giles
Lawyers Thomas More, Yves, Raymond of Peņafort, Ivo of Kermartin
Learning Ambrose, Catherine of Alexandria
Lecturers Justin Martyr
Librarians, Libraries Jerome, Catherine of Alexandria
Lighthouse Keepers Venerius
Lightning, protection against Magnus of Fussen, Vitus
Living Rosary Philomena
Lost Articles Anthony of Padua
Lost or Desperate Causes Jude
Lovers Valentine
Maids Zita
Mariners Nicholas of Tolentino
Marriage John Francis Regis
Marriages (unhappy) Gengulf
Married Women Monica
Medal Collectors Eligius (Eloi)
Medical Profession Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Pantaleon
Medical Technicians Albert the Great
Mentally Ill Dymphna
Merchants Francis of Assisi, Nicholas of Myra, Homobonus
Messengers Gabriel the Archangel
Metalworkers Eligius (Eloi)
Midwives Raymond Nonnatus
Migrants Frances Xavier Cabrini
Miners Anne (Mother of Mary), Barbara
Miscarriage Prevention Catherine of Sweden
Missionary Priests Vincent Pallotti
Missions Francis Xavier, Peter Claver, Therese of Lisieux, Leonard of Port Maurice
Mixed Race, people of Martin de Porres
Mothers Monica, Gerard Majella, Nicholas of Tolentino
Motorcyclists Mary, The Madonna of Castaliazzo or Our Lady of Grace and of Crete
Motorists Frances of Rome, Christopher
Mountaineers, Mountain Climbers Bernard of Montjoux (or Menthon)
Music, Musicians Cecilia, Gregory the Great, Dunstan
Naval Officers Francis of Paola
Near-sightedness, Short-sightedness Clarus, Abbot
Neighborhood Watch Sebastian
Nervous Diseases Vitus, Dymphna
Neurological Disorders Dymphna
Notaries Luke, Mark, Ivo of Kermartin
Nurses Agatha, Camillus de Lellis, John of God
Nurses of Mentally Ill Dymphna
Nurses' Associations Camillus de Lellis
Nursing Mothers Basilissa, Giles
Oblate Vocations Our Lady of Sorrows
Oblate Aspirants Stanislaus Kostka
Oblates of Saint Joseph Joseph
Orators John Chrysostom
Orphans Jerome Emiliani, Ivo of Kermartin
Painters Luke, Bl (Fra) Angelico
Pallbearers Joseph of Arimathea
Paratroopers Michael the Archangel
Parenthood Rita of Cascia
Parish Missions Leonard of Port Maurice
Park-keepers John Gualbert
Pawnbrokers Nicholas of Myra, Bernardino of Feltre (Bd)
Pets Antony the Abbot
Pharmacists/Druggists Cosmas and Damian, Raphael the Archangel
Philosophers Immaculate Conception of Mary, Pudentiana, Rose of Lima
Physically Disabled Giles
Physicians Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Pantaleon
Physicians (diseases, contagious) Roch, Sebastian
Pilots Our Lady of Loreto
Plague Gregory the Great, Roch, Sebastian
Plasterers Bartholomew
Poets David, Columba
Poison Sufferers Benedict, Abbot, John the Apostle, Pirminus
Police Officers Michael the Archangel
Police, Local, Municipal Sebastian
Poor Anthony of Padua, Lawrence, Ferdinand III of Castile
Popes Gertrude the Great, Peter the Apostle
Possession (by the Devil) Cyriacus, Dymphna, Michael the Archangel, Andrew Avellino
Postal Services and Workers Gabriel the Archangel
Preachers Catherine of Alexandria, John Chrysostom
Pregnant Women Gerard Majella, Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch, Raymond Nonnatus
Priests John Vianney
Printers Augustine, Genesius, John of God
Prison Guards, Officers Hippolytus, Processus and Martinian, Adrian of Nicomedia
Prisoners Dismas, Leonard of Noblac, Roch, Vincent de Paul, Ferdinand III of Castile
Protector of Crops Ansovinus
Public Health Service Martin de Porres
Public Relations Bernardine of Siena
Public Education Martin de Porres
Quantity Surveyors Thomas, Apostle
Rabies Hubert, Ubald
Radio and Radio Workers Gabriel the Archangel
Radiologists, Radiotherapists Michael the Archangel
Rain, excessive Genevieve (Genofeva)
Retreats Ignatius of Loyola
Rheumatoid sufferers James the Greater
Right to Life groups Margaret of Castello
Robbers, danger from Leonard of Noblac
Rulers Ferdinand III of Castile
Sailors Brendan, Erasmus (Elmo), Francis of Paola, Nicholas of Myra
Savings Banks Anthony Claret
Scholars Bridgid of Ireland, Thomas Aquinas
Scholars, Scripture Jerome
School Teachers John Baptist de la Salle
Schools Thomas Aquinas
Schools of Law Raymond of Penafort
Schools, Catholic Thomas Aquinas
Schools, all Christian Joseph Calasanctius
Scientists Albert the Great
Scripture Scholars Jerome Emiliani
Sculptors Claude, Luke, Four crowned martyrs, Louis
Sea, those associated with the Francis of Paola
Security Forces Michael the Archangel
Security Guards Matthew
Seminarians Charles Borromeo
Senior Citizens Our Lady of Consolation, Teresa of Jesus Jornet e Ibars
Servants Martha, Notbunga
Servants (Women) Zita
Shoemakers Cyprian of Carthage, Homobonus
Shorthand Writers Cassian of Imola
Sick John of God, Camillus de Lellis, Michael the Archangel
Silversmiths Andronicus, Eligius (Eloi)
Sisters of Mercy Elizabeth of Hungary
Skaters Lidwina
Skiers Bernard of Montjoux, Andronicus (with Athanasia), Our Lady of Graces
Skin Diseases Antony the Abbot
Slander John Nepomucene
Sleepwalkers Dymphna
Snake bite victims Hilary, Pirminus, Vitus
Social Justice Joseph, Martin de Porres
Social Workers Louise de Marillac, John Francis Regis
Soldiers George, Martin of Tours, Maurice, Sebastian, Joan of Arc
Spas John the Baptist
Speakers (Orators) John Chrysostom
Spiritual Directors of Clergy Joseph Cafasso
Spiritual Exercises Ignatius of Loyola
Stamp Collectors Gabriel the Archangel
Stomach Disorders Timothy, Erasmus (Elmo)
Storms, protection against Vitus
Strokes Andrew Avellino
Students Catherine of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas, Gabriel Possenti
Surgeons Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Roch
Surveyors Thomas, Apostle
Swimmers Adjutor
Swordsmiths Maurice
Tailors Homobonus
Tax Collectors Matthew
Taxi Drivers Fiacre
Teachers Gregory the Great, John Baptist de la Salle
Teenagers Mark, Maria Goretti
Telecommunications Gabriel the Archangel
Television Clare, Gabriel the Archangel
Theatrical Profession Genesius
Theft, Thieves Dismas
Theologians Alphonsus de Liguori, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, John the Apostle
Theologians, Moral Alphonsus de Liguori
Thieves, danger from Leonard of Noblac
Throat Ailments Blaise, Ludmila
Toothache Apollonia
Travelers Raphael the Archangel, Nicholas of Myra, Anthony of Padua, Christopher, Joseph
U.S. National Catholic Rural Conference Isidore the Farmer
Undertakers Dismas
United States Army Special Forces Philip of Agirone
United States of America Immaculate Conception of Mary
Universal Church Joseph, Peter the Apostle
Universities Bl. Contardo Ferrini
Unmarried Women Nicholas of Myra
Veneral Disease Fiacre
Vermin, protection from Magnus of Fussen
Veterinarians Our Lady of Coromoto
Vocations Alphonsus de Liguori
Volcanic Eruptions Agatha
Waiters, Waitresses Martha
War Victims, Civilian Mary, Queen of Peace
Water, danger from Florian
Widows Frances of Rome, Paula
Wine merchants, and Wine Trade Amand
Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Services (WAVES) Joan of Arc
Women Giving Birth Margaret (or Marina) of Antioch
Women in Labor Anne (Mother of Mary), Erasmus (Elmo)
Women, childless Anne (Mother of Mary)
Women, young and students Catherine of Alexandria
Workers Joseph
Workers, young John Bosco
World Youth Day Kateri Tekakwitha
Writers Francis de Sales
Young Girls Agnes
Young People, African Charles Lwanga
Young People, Christian Aloysius Gonzaga
Young People, Students John Berchmans, Maria Goretti
Youth Aloysius Gonzaga, Maria Goretti, John Berchmans, Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Raphael the Archangel, John Bosco, Stanislaus Kostka