Jesus And The Children comes in a variety of sizes.
The largest size is a Canvas Wrap, stretched around a 1-1/2” frame
that rises from the wall. The sides are reflected image from the edge of the art.
The smaller sizes are mounted on high density wood with a gold bevel edge.
The wood mounted art has an innovative slot on the back for hanging on the wall.
The smallest sizes are able to hang on the wall and are also drilled for a wood peg
to be inserted to become a standing display.

D001 34” x 23” - Canvas Wrap $ 350.00
D01 17” x 11 1/2” - Wood Icon

$ 50.00

D02 11 5/8” x 8” - Wood Icon $ 30.00
D03 8” x 5 1/2” - Wood Icon $ 20.00